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SILC Plugin | 7/2/2004 ::.::.:..
A bit of news today. Kirby Kuehl (vacuum) has just hopped on board to contribute his SILC plugin for Trillian. Woohoo! It should be showing up in CVS sometime in the future. ;)

Page got wiped... | 5/7/2003 ::.::.:..
Although I am still terribly busy with school and work in real life, I do check in every so often. I noticed today that the site seemed to have dissapeared.

Apparently Sourceforge wiped all the files writable by the web user (which these data files have to be). Luckily I had a backup. :)

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to working on this after the new SDK is released. Although that doesn't mean you guys can contribute.

Donate Button and a bit of an update | 5/7/2003 ::.::.:..
Well, I know I haven't done much recently here. I blame Dread. It's always his fault somehow. :p

I have actually worked on the docs a bit at home, but the main thing I have been working on is some IRC scripts to help someone out with a certain bot problem. It's been a nice learning experience for me though with my good friend perl, so was time well spent. Unfortunately, on top of that I've been fairly busy with things at home and work, so haven't had much time for anything else. But seeing as I'm starting school again next week and only working part time again, I'll hopefully have time to actually get some working stuff out there. Although I am still in the process of catching up the documentation to the C++ stuff I did so far.
So... I am sorry about all the repeated delays, but due to lack of time and such, things just keep getting pushed back. :/ I want to get this stuff out as well, but having to work around the API shortcomings and pretty much do everything from scratch just eats time like crazy (although I have learned MANY new things while going about this project). For those of you out there who actually read this and care, thanks for sticking with me. :) Oh yeah, and if you are so inclined...

* Az gestures over to the right side of the page.
I'm a greedy bastard, and am currently broke as certain members of my family seem to think I am the only bank in the Eastern U.S. due to me having saved up my money for the past few years (went from about $6k at the beginning of 2002 to about $60 now). If anyone does feel like it, I wouldn't object to some donations to the Human Fund. :) If this project ever does get off the ground (i.e. More then 10 people know about it, and it has a decent database of code in the future), it may draw in some lunch money then.
(And if any of the other devs here want, just let me know, and you can have your own button as well. ;) )

- Az
Delphi Framework Update | 12/14/2002 ::.::.:..
Amurgshere released some fixes again for his Delphi Framework.

  • Fixed the Trillian directory functions they now work
    - thanks to lazybones for finding the probs
  • Had a look at changing the icons for ListEntrys, included in sample, you must change the actual bitmap handles using the SetBitmap method of the TPIIconItem and then call UpdateIcons for the ListEntry
You can see his comments in the relevant thread. More details are included in the Source Zip.

And you can go get it here of course.
From the sound of it, another release is on its way soon, so keep your eyes open.

- Az
Message Splitter v1.0.0b1 Released | 12/14/2002 ::.::.:..
Changes in the new version:
  • Switched from C to C++ (no objects yet though).
  • Cleaned up a lot of the code.
  • Made out-of-memory situations more graceful.
Nothing much to say about this release as far as features, mainly a cleanup release. For those who can see such things, the thread about the plugin can be found here
If you can't see it, then go buy Trillian pro you evil warez kiddie you. :p (Or if you do have pro, go enable your forum account.)

Also, it's probably about time I started including the source with the releases. Although it has always been in CVS, I'm(As in Az, because Trillhunter won't release his own files. :p ) going to start keeping the source archive available alongside the plugin download.

You can grab the plugin from the usual place. Enjoy!

- Az
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